Christmas Shopping… are you an early bird or!

Each year I promise myself “next year I will start buying Christmas presents earlier”….and guess what, it never happens!! ….Until this year that is!

I don’t know if it’s due to having two little ones, that I am more excited than ever this year, or if it’s because I know how busy it is with two little ones anyway, that the thought of Christmas shopping in December with the littlies in toe is just too much to handle!!

But whatever has happened to me this year I find myself welcoming November with about 75% of my gift shopping ticked off…and it feels good!!

I have mainly done most of my shopping online since having my first child Sienna, as I physically can’t carry the larger items on my own while pushing a pram / holding her in a carrier! (I think online food shopping the best invention ever!!) and I think online shopping helps when trying to do Christmas shopping early too, as you can find so many different options online and take time in an evening to ‘browse’, rather than having to drag a toddler and baby round the shops and feed them hundreds of snacks to keep them entertained!

This year I have also made a real conscious effort to support small businesses as I know how much it means to get orders as a small business – every one really is celebrated!

With all this said, I probably will be dashing out on Christmas Eve for an extra roll of wrapping paper – being last for most of my life is a habit I’m trying to break, but it takes time!!!