What to buy a little one when they are …. 5 years old

It can be hard to know what to buy for a little one to make sure it is age appropriate so we have put together a guide of our products by age category, so that it takes the guess work out for you. Therefore you will be sure to buy something they can play with and love straight away.

5 years old:

Wheelybugs (LARGE) – TigerPigLadybirdBeeMouse

Wheelybug Pig Large

Happy Hopperz (larger) – Green DinoPurple DinoPink HorseWhite BullHappy Hopperz Green Dino

Moover Dolls Prams – RedNatural

Moover Pram Red


ALL Nattou Musical Toys – DogHorseGiraffeBearElephantUnicorn

Jade the Unicorn Nattou Musical Toy